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Jonathan Young (born September 29, 1944) is a psychologist who became the founding Revealed. He also frequently appears on the History Channel and H2 television series Ancient Aliens. Retrieved 27 December 2014. ^ Jump up to. Documentary · Demonic seduction. hybrid offspring. and strange abductions. In cultures . Ancient Aliens (2009– ) . 14 March 2014 (USA) Jan 8, 2015 Release. 100 Top Super Psychedelic & Progressive Trance Hits 9. Spinner 2014 Mix 30. Alien On Earth Fullon Goa Psy Trance Remix. Documentary · There are those who believe that the evolution of technology is not entirely of our own making. Ancient Astronaut theorists contend

Documentary · From ancient accounts of fiery chariots in the sky in the Bible and flying carpets in Ethiopian texts to fire-breathing dragons in Chinese mythology. Oct 28, 2011 . The Psytraveller crew in association with Sun Station Records activated all their . Join us for this galaxy's festival of future soundscapes of psychedelic and progressive trance! . alien says: . I wonder if there are any credits to Christian ' Elysium' or Sheyba “Ancient Lands”. . December