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HERBERT H. CLARK I. Stanford to William P. Banks, J. Merrill Carlsmith, Eve V Clark,. Douglas J. to Edward E. Smith and Ewart A. C. Thomas for their. Feb 15, 1988 . . Dynamics to Data. WILLIAM CARLISLE TI-iACKER AND ROBERT BRYAN LONG . and Smith, 1966 , since the formalism guarantess that multiple . THACKER AND LONG: FITTING DYNAMICS TO DATA. Oct 12, 2004 WILLIAM M. COLLINS, Q.O. Complaint No. 86969 ROBERT T. E. SMITH. D/B/ A SMITH & SONS PAUL H. MILLER. Complaint No. 10380. Jan 6, 2009 migration rate, bulk bed porosity, and bed form height, h, are known. transport field Smith and McLean, 1977; Engelund and. Fredsoe, 1982.

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